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                                                                                 ENGAGEMENT LETTER



Subject: Preparation of Your Tax Returns



Thank you for selecting AIS Tax and Financial, LLC. to assist you with preparation of your tax returns. A tax “Organizer” is provided for your convenience if you wish. Many of our clients find it useful to accumulate and summarize their tax information with the Organizer, and it helps us prepare your returns efficiently. When you submit your tax information to us you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions for our services.

Your returns will be prepared from information you provide. We may ask for explanation or clarification of some items, but we will not audit or otherwise verify your data. You are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of information used to prepare the returns. Our responsibility is to prepare the returns in accordance with applicable tax laws.  We do not provide accounting or bookeeping services.  However we do have a relationship with a number of independent bookkeepers and payroll providers that we recommend.  

Those laws impose penalties on you for substantial understatements of tax, items in the return for which there is not substantial authority, and failure to maintain records required by law. Federal regulations impose significant penalties on us if we are associated with a return that takes a position that has no realistic possibility of success if audited. Some items may require special disclosure to protect you and us from penalties. We will consult with you about any special disclosures we believe necessary.

We may observe opportunities for tax savings that require planning or changes in the way you handle some transactions. While an engagement for tax return preparation does not include significant tax planning services, we will share any ideas we have with you and discuss terms for any additional work that may be required to implement those ideas. Our fee is for the preparation of your income tax returns.  Any additional office consultations will be billed at $49 a visit. 

Our fees for preparing your returns will be based on the time required at our standard rates for such services. Invoices are due when submitted to you. Late charges may be added to past due amounts in accordance with state law.

Your return may be selected for examination by state or federal tax agencies. In that event, we will be available to assist you in defending and explaining the return. That service is not part of our engagement to prepare your returns, and would be the subject of a separate agreement for services.

We do not disclose any of your financial or tax information to any parties without your consent. We do use your information in recommendations of financial products that we offer, and we feel may suit your overall needs and objectives.  We also have a relationship with an Investment and Financial Services company that specializes with working with tax professionals.  If you would like investment advice we would recommend that service to you.   

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you in this important work. If you have questions about the contents of this letter please call us.




AIS Tax and Financial, LLC.

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