$349 Small S-corporation Tax Preparation.

Most small businesses like to do their own accounting.  How can you blame them when cost for small business annual accounting can range from $2500-$10,000.  The problem lies when it comes to tax time.  The average corporate tax return can cost $700 or more to have professionally prepared.


From Google:

"The average cost for preparing a 1040 (Schedule C) Tax Form is $218. The average cost for preparing an 1120 Tax Form (C corporation) is $806. The average cost for preparing an 1120S Tax Form (S corporation) is $761. The average cost for preparing a 1065 Tax Form (partnership) is $590".Mar 14, 2014

We can usually prepare your small corporate tax return for $349 total!  That even includes efiling!  To qualify for this price your corporations must have:

  1. Less than $250K in revenues and assets.  Otherwise we have to do a balance sheet, and it will cost more.

  2. Have less than 4 shareholders.  Otherwise we have to bill for the additional shareholders (around $10/shareholder).

  3. Have less than 5 depreciated items.  We will bill extra for more than 5 items we have list on our depreciation schedule (around $10 each item). 

  4. We must receive the necessary information before March 1st.  We have a lot of time consuming personal returns also, and we get quite busy during March and April.

  5. If your corporation requires a state tax return we can take care of it for around an additional $100.

  6. If we prepare your personal tax return also we can give you a discount on your personal taxes also. 

You can always submit your basic information to us and we can provide you with a quote.  If you decide to use our services we will send you a link where you can upload your files safely to our encrypted server from Taxaroo.  Then answer some questions about your business, and we will take it from there.  We will call you when we get into your tax return with any necessary questions.